Blockchain ASOC basis on the of Tomsk Metalwork Factory

First ICO with the support of the Russia state and two leading universities TPU and TSU

Team of experts, managers of the highest category, having high scientific achievements

The current capitalization of the plant is $ 4.8 million

Pre ICO Start After

The goal of the project is to create the first cluster of industrial automated high-tech production in Russia on the basis of the Tomsk Metalwork Factory (TMF) – a tokenized plant with full technological traceability.

About the blockchain ASOC Innovative production control system

The introduction of ASOC will make the activity of enterprises more transparent and will allow to draw an objective view of the investment object, including the evaluation of investment risks, the evaluation of the investment object, a comprehensive study of the company’s activities, a comprehensive check of its financial, economic condition and market situation.

Conducting an external audit and monitoring the company’s processes for investors and anyone else.

Organization of monitoring activities and monitoring by external experts.

Ensuring transparency of the legal activities of the enterprise.

Use accumulated production data and statistics for research purposes by universities, scientific organizations and other interested persons.

The advantages of ASOC for enterprise investors

Blockchain ASOC – this is a full-scale, controlled, integrated digital production model that has taken all the best from successful enterprise management systems, such as ERP, MES, WMS, CRM, SCM, MRP.

ASOC can be integrated into any enterprise in the world
Willing to attract investment and openly show its activities

  • Control over the expenditure of money invested by investors
  • Track financial performance of the project
  • Tracking the effectiveness of enterprise management
  • Reflections of the quality work the sales department (customer department)

Scheme of work ASOC Blockchain


Why use ASOC Blockchain? Stages of production by the example of the steel construction sector

Problems of production

  • Any production is based on a complex supply chain;
  • The complexity of interaction between all links;
  • High time and monetary costs;
  • Lack of transparency between participants;
  • The complexity of assessing investment risks.

Problems solved by ASOC Blockchain

  • Full management of supplies and production based on the operational control system;
  • Operational exchange of information, obtaining of actual data;
  • Full transparency;
  • The possibility of introduction into any industry;
  • Transparent access to the assessment of investment risks.

About Tomsk Metalwork Factory (TMF)

Advantageous location

The plant is located on the territory of the largest petrochemical enterprise, which is a major consumer of metal structures.

Profitable Region

There are no competitors in the region. The nearest plants are located 500 km from Tomsk.

Current capitalization of the plant is $ 4.8 million

The plant has a rich and fully stocked raw material base.

Equipment for the production of basalt mineral wool board with a density of 70-155 kg / m³. This plate is a synthetic fiber obtained from a melt of rocks. It is a highly effective heat-insulating material with resistance to high temperatures and exposure to organic substances and insects.

  • Competition: High
  • Demand of the region: 624 900 m³
  • Cost of production: 10-40 $/m³
  • Selling price: 15-90 $/m³

The newest specialized line for manufacturing beams according to GOST. welded beams as structural steel framework constructions makes it possible not only to facilitate structural elements having high safety factor, but also to create a more costeffective supports and sections of some elements, and, thereby, reduce the weight of the metal construction.

  • Competition: absent in the region
  • Demand of the region: 2740 tons
  • Cost of production: 400-630 $/tons
  • Selling price: 850-1400 $/tons

Equipment for the manufacture of corrugated board, which is actively used in the industrial construction of prefabricated buildings. Recently, profiled sheets have become irreplaceable. It is widely used by construction companies, very convenient to use for roofing and walls. Profiled sheets are also used as walls (wall fences of industrial and civil facilities), enclosing constructions, partitions as well as in the production of three-layered wall panels.

  • Competition: medium
  • Demand of the region: 3 153 300 m2
  • Cost of production: 2-3 $/m2
  • Selling price: 3-5 $/m2

Distribution of tokens


Issue of ASOC tokens 

  • Total issue - 50 000 000
  • ICO - 38 000 000
  • Pre ICO - 2 000 000
  • Command - 5 000 000
  • Bounty - 5 000 000
  • Duration Pre ICO - 1 month

  • Duration ICO - 1 month

  • Estimated value of the company - $ 4.8 million

  • Minimum estimated value of the token - 0,29$

Advantages for the investor Offer not to be missed

  1. The price of the token is provided by a real production and a strong team with an excellent reputation;
  2. After the development and implementation of the ASOC blockchain each token holder will receive ASOC coin in an amount equal to the number of tokens;
  3. Scientific discoveries, patents and technologies developed by the research team within the framework of the project are the property of the holders of the tokens, in proportion to their share.
Profits of TMF

Fund dividends for holders of the token.

Redemption of tokens

TMF undertakes to redeem all the tokens within 5 years.

Project team

Announcing the project03.2018
Active Development
  • Announcements and promotion of the project attracting partners
  • Working with crypto funds, venture funds
  • Work with the media.
  • Announcing the company’s bounty.
  • Expansion of the team of experts and observers

03.2018 - 05.2018

Pre ico (white sheets) closed part 30% discount on tokens05.2018
Preparation for ICO
  • Participation and organization of conferences
  • Development of legal position
  • Preparing a mass promotion company

05.2018 - 07.2018

Conducting ICO07.2018 - 08.2018
Development and launch of the plant
  • Completion of the central module of the ASOC system
  • Creating additional ASOC system modules
  • Start of purchase of additional equipment at TMF
  • Personnel training
  • Launching the ASOC system into operation
  • Approbation of new technological lines and equipment of TMF
  • Expansion of the client and partner base
  • Implementation of the ASOC system in the production of TMF
  • Distribution and decentralization of the ASOC system
  • Output on planned output and sales of products
  • Open report for the year of work

08.2018 - 12.2018

Completion and audit
  • Improvement of production technology and the ASOC system
  • Forming the structures of independent audits of the system

01.2019 - 03.2019

  • Expansion of partnership relations with institutes and scientific teams
  • Preparation of reporting documents on the year of work with investments

03.2019 - 06.2019

  • Legal preparation for the process of dividend payment
  • First dividend payment on tokens
  • The primary redemption of tokens from holders (1/5 system tokens)

06.2019 - 09.2019

Work Report
  • Improvement of the business model of TMF production
  • Open report for the year of work

09.2019 - 12.2019

Formation of the fund for attracting investments in industry01.2020 - 03.2020
Formation of the internal self-regulating system of liquidity of the fund (stock exchange)03.2020 - 06.2020
  • Development of the system and promotion of the project
  • Development of public-private partnerships

06.2020 - 09.2020

Open report for the year of work09.2020 - 12.2020